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As well as custom made quilts, table linens, throw cushions, furniture runners, etc., are also available as a custom order. We work together with you to co-ordinate the piece with your design specifications. It can be matched to your dinnerware or to the decor of the room. From simple machine piecing to more intricate handwork, every piece is designed in a thoughtful way, taking great care to meet your design requirements.

Twin Peaks
(15" x 52") tip to tip

Made from 100% linen and 100% cotton
Machine pieces and quilted

Price: $140.00 (CAD) per runner


For all Custom Orders, we require personal contact with you, via e-mail or phone. Email us at info@seamsfrench.com or call us in Canada at 778-945-4030. We ask that you outline your design specification as to size, color, preferred type of fabric and the type of work required (machine piecing, whole cloth machine embroidery or hand work).

After the initial consultation, we will draft a design and send it to you for approval. Upon approval, we would give you an approximate date of completion and then proceed with the construction.


Machine piecing and free motion quilting: $25.00 per sq. foot (approx)

Hand embroidery or hand applique: $45.00 per sq. foot (approx)

A 25% deposit is required when placing the order.
Custom orders are non refundable.




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