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ALBUM QUILTS, MEMORY QUILTS and SIGNATURE QUILTS commemorate a special occasion, or pay tribute to someone in your life. These quilts consolidate memories into a cherished heirloom that will be passed down through the generations.

YOUR antique laces and linens, heirloom fabrics, vintage handwork, etc., can be carefully pieced into the quilt, with a combination of well chosed new fabrics. Old photographs, letters, cards, recipes, etc. can be safely transferred to fabric and included in the quilt, as seen in the photo of the ALBUM quilt.

In the design process, we work with you to establish the parameters of what you would like the quilt to represent. Upon completion of this phase, we proceed to complete the design and send it to you for approval.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Initial consultation: No charge
Estimate of timeline
Estimate of cost
Retainer: $500.00 (CAD) due after the initial design process
Design: $1500.00 (CAD) due after completion of the design of the quilt
Construction: $3000.00 (CAD)

These costs are for a quilt that is 50' x 58', as the quilt in our detail.
Cost varies according to size and complexity.



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